The SkyGiraffe Meta-connector for Tableau

Some Tableau Visualizations with SkyGiraffe

See sales for specific products across regions to compare profit margins and spot trends.
Measure success by tracking total profit (or any other KPI) per month. Determine business growth and take action when needed.
Display the difference in actual profit compared to target profit per region, store, product, etc., to identify trends and help your organization reach its goals.
See key statistics for tickets opened and closed by status, category or any other metric.

SkyGiraffe & Tableau Features

  • Securely pull data from SAP, Oracle and any enterprise system
  • Develop rich visualizations on top of live datasets
  • Connect to any REST service in your organization
  • Enable teams to see information in real time for data-informed decisions
  • The Meta-Connector: One connector to rule them all
  • Apply your existing enterprise permissions, authentication, and security to any data you pull into Tableau

Enhance Tableau with SkyGiraffe


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