Slackbots Connected to Any Enterprise Data

Use SkyGiraffe to build a Slack app that reads & writes from
SAP, Oracle, or any system via a single REST endpoint.

Some Example Slackbot Workflows with SkyGiraffe


Submit, view, and approve requests for time sheets, inventory, wires, PTO, or any other enterprise process. 

Customer 360

Pull data from your CRM and other systems to get a full view of your customers.  


Track, update, and re-order inventory from any system through Slack.


Submit, view, and manage all incoming internal and external tickets directly from Slack.

SkyGiraffe & Slack Features

  • Develop workflows on top of live datasets
  • Securely read and write to any enterprise system
  • Solve SSO for every on-prem/cloud system within Slack
  • Enable teams to see information in real time for data-informed decisions
  • Deploy bots in minutes
  • Empower employees to collaborate on business processes within Slack

Build Slackbots with Your Data

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