SkyGiraffe Apps

SkyGiraffe’s end-to-end solution comes with multiple front-end options, a middleware, and an integration layer to address the entire mobility stack. With pre-built templates, along with an SDK and REST API for more custom workflows, SkyGiraffe is flexible based on your needs. This page outlines some of the most common use cases our customers are deploying.

Retail                                Finance                              Healthcare                          Logistics                           Hospitality
Retail                                Finances                                Healthcare                                Logistics                                Hospitality

Energy                           Manufacturing                    Pharmaceutical                      Real Estate                             Telco
Energy                                Manufacturing                                 Pharmaceutical                                 Real Estate                                 Telco

Retail Energy
Finance Manufacturing
Healthcare Pharmaceutical
Logistics Real Estate
Hospitality Telco


Room Bookings

See available meeting rooms around you and book them on the fly. 

Employee Directory

Easily connect to any LDAP or HR system to search and view employee details such as reporting hierarchy, job title, contact info, and employee photos.

Embedded Web Apps

Take any existing Web app and make it a mobile workflow within the SkyGiraffe native app.

Sales Apps

Product Catalogue

Search through products, available discounts and place customer orders.

Barcode Scanner

Look up products using the camera as a barcode scanner.

Custom Price Estimate

Create a custom proposal and quote for customers on the spot.

Customer 360

Get a 360-degree view of your customer including contact details, orders, tickets, and more from multiple systems with write-back.

Executive Sales Dashboard

View sales by customer, region and track your sales teams.


Executive Dashboard

See a customized overview of sales and other success metrics with drill-downs.

Push Notification Hub

Get push notifications across business systems; centrally manage, and take action.


Enable speedy approvals, along with push notifications, on any device.

Branch Audit

Submit and analyze store inspections on-site.


Project Tracker

Track and update projects, meetings, and to-dos including full document access.

Human Resources Apps

Time Off Request

Simplify HR management by allowing any employee to request time off, view, and share their work calendars graphically.

Time Sheets

Allow employees to submit and managers to approve time sheets from any device, eliminating the process’s typical latency.

Employee Directory

Easily connect to any LDAP or HR systems for employee lookup and search app with reporting hierarchy, job title, contact info, employee photos, etc..

Room Bookings

See available meeting rooms around you and book them on the fly for impromptu team huddles or meetings that run long. 


Shift Swap

Trade shifts and manage work schedules in real-time.


Employee Punch Clock

Allow shift workers to clock-in or clock-out from work. Easily view shift schedules and request shift changes with co-workers.


Work Orders

Allows field service technicians to quickly access key work order details. Drill into more details and provide read-write access to backend systems so technicians can update statuses while on-the-go.

Order Tracking

Track, view and update expected deliveries by store or region.

Inventory Lookup

View and reorder inventory to a branch or warehouse on any device.

Parts Lookup

Perform lookups to any ERP or legacy inventory system to quickly search and view items in a list. 

Product Details

Quickly and easily view detailed descriptions and optional visualizations of inventory items.



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