SkyGiraffe’s full-stack solution works with cloud and on-prem architectures, applying enterprise-grade security and existing company policies to data at all times. 

Flexible Deployment Options

SkyGiraffe can be deployed fully on-premises or in a hybrid cloud structure.

Configurable Permissions

Administrators have full control over what users have access to, or leverage existing policies from their IDPs.

Enterprise Authentication 

SkyGiraffe supports OAuth 2.0 out of the box along with custom authentication methods, and also integrate with IDPs to enable single sign on (SSO). 

End-to-End Encryption

Data originating from backend systems travel through secure SSL channels (RSA2048, SHA256) to the mobile and desktop apps.

Data Leakage Protection

Administrators can use SkyGiraffe’s advanced permissioning options to block or allow copy/paste and log screen shots by user to protect sensitive information.

Logging & Analytics

SkyGiraffe keeps an audit trail on all user activities, including full application analytics. 

MDM Integrations

The SkyGiraffe IPA and APK app integrate seamlessly with any MDM solution.

Offline Mode

Administrators can enable or disable offline mode.

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