With the REST API, businesses can use any front-end like Tableau, Google Sheets, or Slack to read and write from on-prem systems and cloud applications.



Easily connect Tableau to any system, including SAP and Oracle, through one Web data connector. 


Use SkyGiraffe to build a Slack app that reads and writes from SAP, Oracle, or any system via a single REST endpoint.

Google Sheets

Pull data from any backend data source, like inventory information from SAP and Oracle, or sales data
from Salesforce, directly into Google Sheets for enhanced readability and management. Update
information in Sheets with direct write-back to your systems.


• Middle layer between enterprise data and any system interface
• Solve SSO
• Access to core systems through any front-end
• On-prem and cloud data sources
• Bridge the application data gap
• Enable employees to collaborate on real-time data sets


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