SkyGiraffe’s end-to-end mobility platform includes a middleware to integrate data from all backend systems and make it available in mobile workflows.



  • Integrate with diverse sources and protocols, from on-prem systems like SAP, Oracle and SQL Server, to cloud tools like ServiceNow, Salesforce and Workday
  • Provide read and write access based on user permissions
  • Support data transformations
  • Choose simple or robust visualizations for each workflow
  • Customize data interactions if desired


  • Configure your app in the SkyGiraffe Studio without using any code
  • Set up the workflows for your apps
  • Set up navigations that use parameters to jump between data sources
  • Configure push notifications
  • Decide on “actions” and “results” for each workflow, so instructions and responses make sense to the end-user
  • Maximize existing system backend system login in SkyGiraffe


  • Support diverse user authentication methods (both SkyGiraffe and/or custom authentication methods)
  • Platform integrates with any IDP using OAuth, SAML, LDAP, AD and other tokens
  • Data authorization through OAuth, federated SSO, and elevated permissioning, so you can leverage your existing methods of authentication
  • End-to-end SSL encryption of data

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