SkyGiraffe’s architecture is simple with flexible deployment options,
allowing a quick and easy installation that works with the existing environment.

SkyGiraffe is comprised of four main components: the Integration Server, the Distribution Server, the SkyGiraffe Studio, and the SkyGiraffe Client.

SkyGiraffe Integration Server

SkyGiraffe Integration Server (SGIS)

The SGIS connects directly into enterprise data and sits behind the organization’s firewall.


SkyGiraffe Distribution Server

SkyGiraffe Distribution Server (SGDS)

The SGDS listens to requests from the mobile app and sends them to the SGIS. It can live on-prem or in the cloud.

SkyGiraffe GUI Studio

SkyGiraffe Studio

The Studio is the GUI where application creators configure apps and deploy them to users.

SkyGiraffe Native iOS and Android Apps

Native Clients

SkyGiraffe offers native iOS and Android, along with desktop Web, applications.

Deployment Options


SkyGiraffe Hybrid Cloud Deployment


SkyGiraffe On-premise Architecture

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